Often times, I want to make my work stylistic enough to live up to the expectations of many that went before me.

I find myself wanting to fill shoes that are simply not my style. Too big, too small.

But I realized something. This is about me. And that is all it needs to be. Is this a prose piece? A poem? I don’t know.

But that’s me. I don’t know who I am. But I like me.

So I’m going to be very literal.

I’m a loving fire, a monochrome rainbow, a sunny night, a windless storm, a dark lightbulb, a glowing shadow.

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, a queen, a goddess, a fort, a baby, a warrior, a flame, a woman.

I am Farinloye, I am Ijesha, I am Yoruba, I am Nigerian, I am African.

I am also from Missisauga, from Oakville, from Milton, from Calgary.

I like to believe I’m fearless, although that is my greatest fear. Having no fear at all.

I like to believe I’m powerful, although that’s mere truth. I am powerful.

I like to believe I’m beautiful, only because people say so. I’m yet to see it myself.

I like to believe I’m healed. Broken glass put together with love.

I am a passionate woman. I fight for everything I love without thinking. I’m the greatest defender.

People often say it as a joke, but I would actually take a bullet for someone.

I make jokes that I’m not Jesus and I’m not here to die for anyone. But I actually would. Take a bullet I mean, one I’d survive.

This is post currently unfinished. Because I am a work in progress. A masterpiece in herself.

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